Is Copyright important to Poets and Writers?


© that little c for copyright living inside the circle is very important to me and most other writers too. So please don’t steal my work! Yes, it has happened before, a cheeky American student stole one of my short stories, passed it off as his own and achieved an A+ from his tutor! Then he had the cheek to tell me about it and showed no remorse when I explained about copyright.

If you want to use all or an extract of my work send me an email, twitter request etc and just ASK! Depending on what your Project is and what you want to use my Work for, I am sure we can come to some Agreement! Always remember to attribute work in the way the poet or writer requests and all will be well. It is just common courtesy really but just like common sense not very common any more. Thank you.

Write on! Carolina xxx



Ten poems to go before I reach the magic thirty. I also have nineteen days in which to complete them. I counted my three haiku’s as three separate poems which made The Passenger number twenty.

I wish I could remember where I got the prompt  for God’s Laughter from. If it was your website or blog please let me know and I will attribute it. Copyright is very important to me.

Write on! Carolina xxx

NaPoWriMo Finishes


30th April 2015 arrives and marks the end of NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) unfortunately I didn’t finish the 30 poems in 30 days, I managed 15. Not a lot you might think but for me the purpose of NaPoWriMo was to start writing again. So I can claim some success. I also intend finishing the other 15 poems and have set a deadline of the end May, 2015. I am so pleased my muse has returned and I am writing again.

For me, life without writing is a half life. I felt like I had been robbed of my creativity. The reason I couldn’t write was because I was suffering from Depression. I have suffered with it from when I was a teenager. Recently I attended 7 counselling sessions where I was able to examine in detail what was going wrong in my life.I also gained insight into making some new coping strategies. I feel so much better now. Are you suffering from depression? Ask your GP to refer you for counselling also refered to as ‘talking therapy’.

©Carolina de la Cruz – The Vixen of Verse – 2015

I made a mistake in my Triolet!

Writer at Work!

Writer at Work!

After all the triolets I have written and all the ones I have produced in my many workshops I can hardly believe I could make such a glaring mistake.

What was the mistake? I repeated line 1 /rhyme a in line 3 instead of line 4! Is it fixable? Yes, of course with a little playing around and a bit of re-writing I have fixed it.

I am such a champion of the triolet which was originally a 13th centuary French poetic form. I think it is incredible that it is still alive and well in the 21st centuary.poetic form,

The Triolet Form
It has 8 lines, with an a/b rhyme scheme and 3 lines repeated.

1. A/a
2 B/b
3 a
4. A/a
5. a
6. b
7. A/a
8 B/b

Film Star – All I need now is – the Red Carpet!

Red carpet of the Palais des Festivals et des ...

Red carpet of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès during the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today turned out to be such an interesting day. I went to a film showing of  ‘Memorial to Loves and Lives’ directed by Salvatore Forino. I contributed to this project by writing a letter that I imagined Umberto, an Italian Captain who became a POW at the Glenn Mill in Oldham wrote to his friend/lover, Doreen when he returned to Italy after the war ended.

I was also filmed reading aloud this letter in the wonderful setting of the Tropical Plants Greenhouse in Alexandra Park on a grey, cold and rainy day. The setting was fabulous and I hadn’t realised that my hair colour which was a new one, ultra violet was quite so dark and purple! It gave me a slightly sinister air which was effective as was the whispering of the final part of the letter which was played over my reading. Excellent!

My fellow writer, Pat Baker looked great in the cavernous Maple Mill and read her letter really well. The film started in Italy with explanation of the story and then all the letters that were read in the various places, the Tatoo Parlour, the gay night club were very effective. I particularly liked the switching from Italy to Oldham and back again.

We were then asked to write our comments on cards which were to go to the Arts Council who along with the Big Lottery Fund funded the project. Salvy intends entering his film in several film festivals before he intends to consolidate the writing into a more cohesive story to reflect the characters of Umberto, Doreen and Berta.

It was good to see that we had been credited with the writing and reading aloud and I do hope that we will be asked to contribute to the final writing project.

Sue Fletcher made us so welcome and we were treated to not only tea, coffee and lovely Italian cake but a great lunch. It was good to see that not only the participants of the project but friends and family turned up too. I really hope that the film wins some prizes in the film festivals it is entered into as it definitely deserves it. Well done the writers and well done Salvy!




































Challenging Arthritis

Entertainment all the way

Entertainment all the way (Photo credit: hugovk)

On the 18th February 2013 I am starting a six week course called, ‘Challenging Arthritis Self-Management Programme’ which I hope will help me to manage my New Year resolutions. I have already started writing the first draft of my novel and am actually enjoying immersing myself in first century Britannica again.

I have also decided to enter a local play writing competition called ‘First Break’ which is being run by Oldham Library Service and Oldham Coliseum our recently re-vamped local theatre.
During a lovely homemade lunch made by one of my writing friends, Pat Gray we discussed our ideas for our entries. Pat has actually written her 10 pages while mine is still at the ideas stage I have managed 7 pages and the deadline is 1st Feb 2013 so that gives me plenty of time to finish it.

Despite deciding to put my poetry on the back boiler I have written three poems in one night of complete insomnia! Call to Arms is about the fight between good and evil. First Snow of Winter is what it says and Dragonriders is a fantasy poem, my first one!

I am going to cut back on some of the venues I attend in order to concentrate on my novel writing, short story writing and submitting stories and poetry to sites/ezines etc. I also want to enter competitions with my existing poetry and existing and newly written short stories and flash fiction.

I am hoping attending the Arthritis Course is going to help me cope better with the pain, the tiredness and the depression which is part and parcel of both Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Getting involved in self help groups can help by sharing your experiences, tips and tricks to make life more bearable.

Medieval Middleton Success!

The Parish Church of St Leonard, Middleton, Gr...

The Parish Church of St Leonard, Middleton, Greater Manchester, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a wonderful experience it has been taking part in Medieval Middleton. The children were wonderful and literally threw themselves into their various roles, in particular the war between the Vikings and the Saxons were enacted with much gusto! The adult cast which consisted of:

Norman – Town Crier

Lorraine – Newsreader

Maureen – Teacher

Freda – Old Mother Time

Robin – Troubadour

Carolina (me!) – Jester

had all written their own part in the script which was then put together by Norman and Robin with several running gags interwoven  within it. On the day the jokes went down a storm and various members of the audience came up to us to complement us on our performance. Jonathan from Pride Media Association who commissioned us had expected an audience of approximately 50, on the day was more like 150. It was great that so many people turned out and walked from the Long Street Methodist Church in Middleton, via the Jubilee Park to St Leonard’s Church to watch our strolling performances in the Prologue, the Interlude and the Epilogue.

After the performance there were various activities like birds of prey, petting snakes and reptiles, learning archery and the medieval dance workshop. Lorraine and I met up with our friend Marian and retired to the Ring o’ Bells for a well-earned lunch of fish, chips and mushy peas. Lovely! Julia a fellow writer from Touchstones Creative Writers’ Group brought her video camera and recorded part of the performance and there was an official photographer taking pictures so hopefully I will be able to track down some photos of us all in our finery.