Haworth Parsonage - produced the Bronte family of writers.

Haworth Parsonage – produced the Bronte family of writers.


New Year Resolutions… a good thing of a complete curse? Well, like most people I do make them and like most people I fail to keep most of them. However, last year at Oldham Writing Cafe, one of the writing groups I attend we did a ‘Writing Resolutions’ and followed them up at intervals during the year. It wasn’t a total success but it did mean that some of the resolutions were kept which Swas an improvement on none!

So here are mine for 2013:

  • FINISH first draft of ALLIANCE (my first novel)
  • RE-WRITE it to publication standard
  • Find an AGENT or PUBLISHER for the novel
  • Maintain my attendance at the following 3 writing groups, OLDHAM WRITING CAFE (OWC), LEES LITERATTI and last but not least, TOUCHSTONES CREATIVE WRITING GROUP (TCWG)
  • ENTER as many competitions as I can, including poetry, flash fiction and short stories, also short plays and monologues
  • SUBMIT poetry, flash fiction and short stories to magazines, ezines etc
  • DEVELOP my own website which should include my blog, facebook and twitter
  • KEEP UP with the writing of this WordPress blog and headline articles for FB and Twitter
  • UPDATE OWC’S website and possibly create a new one that is more snappy and up-to-date. I have volunteered for this!

In order to have a chance of sticking to these resolutions I must cut down on my poetry writing and performing as this is what has kept me away from completing my novel. I actually have hundreds of poems that I can use for competitions and submissions without having to write any new ones… so no excuse now!

These then are my ‘writing resolutions’ and now I have decided to commit to print my life ones as opposed to my writing ones.

  • Attend a six week course in Oldham about how to cope with arthritis
  • PACE myself better. Yes I know I should have rest days interspersed with my good days when the pain is under enough control to allow me to write
  • Return to ADVANCED SPANISH CONVERSATION classes again? They are on Thursday mornings at Lees Library but do have a rather early (for me) start of 10 am. Check it out!
  • Keep in better touch with my friends, for example Bev, Angie, Pat G and Fern. Started already by making a date for lunch with Pat G., this coming Friday. Becoming a ‘lady who lunches’ is a really good idea.
  • READ

Enough, yes surely that is enough. They are not large tasks individually but they do add up and of course for me they all have to be fitted into my pain-filled life. Suffering as I do from both Fibromyalgia and oesteo-arthritis that now demands injections of Kenalog – a steroid in my hands, and knees. I also have them in my hips but that is to conbat bursititus.

So now they are in print, no escaping them. People will ask me for progress reports I am sure, so that will hopefully goad me into keeping at least some of the resolutions. I do so want to add author to my writing CV and I have written 59,000 words of my first draft of my historical fiction novel, Alliance of Convenience, so it would be such a waste not to finish it.  WATCH THIS SPACE! I do hope to have lots to report.






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