Writing the Journey 01

Castleshaw Top Reservoir Looking east towards ...

Castleshaw Top Reservoir Looking east towards Castleshaw Top Reservoir from Low Gate Lane. Castleshaw is north-east of Delph, Saddleworth, near Oldham. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a freelance writer and performance poet. I set up this blog to explore and share my writing journey with readers and fellow writers.

My name is Carolina de la Cruz and my writing journey started in 2002. Following the tragic death of my younger son, Evan I started to write poetry as a form of therapy. I found it helped me with the grieving process. I started to attend writing workshops and groups in order to improve my writing. Meanwhile I submitted some of my poems to competitions and had a few of my poems published in various anthologies.

I then became the Chair and Co-ordinator of Oldham Writing Cafe and was able to secure a grant for the group to write an anthology of short stories. The book is called, Shadows and three of my stories are published in it. The book is on sale at our local Waterstones and other good bookshops and will be on sale at my website shortly.

I am now a member of not only Oldham Writing Cafe, but also Lees Literati and Touchstones’ Creative Writers, these groups help me to develop and try out new ideas and projects.

My on-going projects are with Touchstones’ Writers where I have been invited to perform three poems I have written during the Skylight Circus performances at the end of March 2012.

I am waiting for the publication of United Press‘ anthology called, ‘Top Ten Poets’ of which I am one of the poets with 20 pages of my poetry in the book.

I am currently trying to finish my first draft of my debut novel, Alliance of Convenience, which is in the historical fiction genre and involves the local Roman Ruins at Castleshaw which is just outside of my home town of Oldham.

I also perform my poetry at the Baum in Rochdale on the second Sunday of the month and the Ring ‘o’ Bells in Middleton on the fourth Sunday and sometimes at Write Out Loud’s poetry open mic at the Watergate Centre at Sale.


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