What Next?

Can you call yourself a writer if you don’t write anymore? A few years ago I wrote feverishly. Poetry poured from me like a great gushing waterfall. I struggled more with short stories, although one I had published in one of my writing group’s ànthologys was more like a novella and then there was my debut novel; two thirds complete with the other third completely planned out. I had even written two different endings: one to complete the story and the other to maybe carry it on into a sequel or more.

I wrote with enthusiasm and writer friends gave me good feedback. The novel is set in first centuary Britannica during the wars betwèen the Celts and Romans. My novel had at its heart a love story born out of the violence in which they lived. A Celtic Princess who was only 16 and a Roman General who was 32, were to have a sort of Spring into Autumn relationship. I enjoyed doing the research required for such a book. I immersed myself into it and found my mind permanently wandering there. All of this I enjoyed.

The poetry writing opened up a whole new world when I became a Performance Poet. With my friend Lorraine we went all over the North West. We entered poetry slams, lots of open mics. and we went to workshops where we learned to improve our poetry. Not that Lorraine’s needed much improvement; she always wrote from the heart. You can’t write from a better place.

Lorraine died aged only 66 on my birthday, three years ago. I wrote a poem for her with all the love that special friendships deserve. Since then it has been as though a light went out in me and my writing suffered because of it. I feel no joy now when I write and I remember the laughter we had between us and Marian, another writer. Were we known as the three musketeers or something equally noble? No, we were known as Shakespeare’s witches from Macbeth. Apparently that’s what we looked like walking from the car- park to the Ring O’ Bells one misty Sunday night as we all three tapped with our walking sticks! Those were happy times full of joy and always laughter. We all miss Lorraine, me especially.

So What Next? Perhaps I will write my blog posts here for a while until my muse returns or until something else turns up. Yes, that sounds like a plan to me. Every writer needs a plan. What do you think? Had time away from any meaningful writing? How did you get back into it?

Carolina de la Cruz-The Vixen of Verse


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