Life is full of change, good and bad. How you cope with change defines you as a person. Losing my mother when she died (20/08/2015) and my son (29/10/1998), has been so difficult. With my son Evan, he was 22 and a troubled soul. It wasn’t supposed to happen; your children are meant to survive you. People say you get over it, that time heals but people who say things like that have not had their son die so young. I haven’t got over it and I remain unhealed, I have accepted it, I have learned to live with it. However, the wound is still raw, the pain is still real and I still shed tears for my lost boy.

Will I feel the same about my Mum? I don’t believe so. My Mum was aged 90, she has lived a long, fulfilling and interesting life and at the end she was ready to go. She was tired of life, her body was letting her down and she had started to lose her mind. I found it frightening how the medical profession and people in general treated her as if she was invisible. As a country we don’t treat our elderly very well.

This year I became 60, officially an old age pensioner. I have used a walking stick for several years as my oesteoarthritis gets worse. I was quite shocked the other day on the tram when a young mum checked her little girl with the words, “mind what you’re doing Melanie, don’t knock against that old lady, she has a stick so she can’t walk very well”. Yikes! In my head I feel about 29! It saddens me. I know we are all

Old Lady of the tram?
Old Lady of the tram?

older but no-one wants to be referred to as ‘an old lady’ do they?
Carolina de la Cruz – 08/11/2015.


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