Holy Laughter

What makes God laugh?

The fact that he is not alone,

I’m not referring to Jesus either.

I mean the Goddess with whom he shares his life.

He created us in two images, male and female,

He made sure one could not produce a child without the other.

He created night to be followed by day,

Day always followed by night.

He created light to brighten the darkness,

Then dark from which will come the light, his light.

Opposites but equals, each needs the other.

So when God stops laughing he will introduce us to Goddess.

Then we can pray to either or both of them.

It won’t matter, it will have the same effect.

Just as God has many names like Lord, Father, Emanuel;

So has Goddess, she is Lady, Mother and Brighid.

So human male or human female our holy family is complete.

Let’s sing hallelujah! Send our joy and love to Goddess and God!

©Carolina de la Cruz РThe Vixen of Verse Р2015



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