I made a mistake in my Triolet!

Writer at Work!

Writer at Work!

After all the triolets I have written and all the ones I have produced in my many workshops I can hardly believe I could make such a glaring mistake.

What was the mistake? I repeated line 1 /rhyme a in line 3 instead of line 4! Is it fixable? Yes, of course with a little playing around and a bit of re-writing I have fixed it.

I am such a champion of the triolet which was originally a 13th centuary French poetic form. I think it is incredible that it is still alive and well in the 21st centuary.poetic form,

The Triolet Form
It has 8 lines, with an a/b rhyme scheme and 3 lines repeated.

1. A/a
2 B/b
3 a
4. A/a
5. a
6. b
7. A/a
8 B/b


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