13 of 30

Your skin is warm, smells of aftershave
Hugo Boss or Jean-Paul Gaultier, confused by smell
Your mouth searches out mine and we kiss.
Softly gentle at first but then, more insistant
With probing tongues we taste each other’s taste.
You taste of Pepperoni pizza and potato wedges.
As do I although perhaps you can taste Ben and Jerry’s.
Either way you don’t seem to mind what I taste of.
Your strong fingers gently part the lips of my vagina,
I panic; will it become wet or will I need lube?

Have I got any in my ‘special’ drawer?
Oh! What on Earth am I doing? What is happening?
Hell, I can’t say stop now can I?
Suddenly I realise you have stopped.
“It’s OK,” you whisper, holding out your glistening
Wet fingers. I tentalively take a slow lick.
I smile, he smiles, returns to what he was doing.
It’s going to be fine, I just know it is.
Come on Hugo or Jean-Paul or whatever your name is,
Let’s do this!

©Carolina de la Cruz – The Vixen of Verse – 2015.


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