I am picking up the doormat,

It’s really very hard to do.

Years of stamping feet have

Flattened its pile

Embedded it into the floor.

Years of fighting your fights

When we were children.

Making sure you were safe

And as you grew up so did your

Demands on me, they grew too.

You set your cap at my husband,

Given the choice, of course he’d choose you?

Laid out on a plate he asked.

How he could resist such an offer?

The pair of you went on to break my heart.

Hey! But it was OK because you found your Christian Faith again.

Now God forgives you all your transgressievenns ,

Without you even feeling sorry.

No remorse lives inside your heart!

Your footsteps crushed my spine again and again and again.

Still it wasn’t enough, childless yourself

You wanted mine for yours..

How badly you tried to be a mother

To boys who already had one.

Criticism, always knowing how it could be done better.

How many of those books did you read?

At last it is coming up now, look at all it’s grime.

This doormat is a symbol of a life

That was truly mine.

You are playing at being Grandma

To my grandchildren who already have me.

I am cutting you free and with it the lies and deceit.

You’re almost sixty, time to finally grow up,

To admit you look your age not thirty two!

To realise when you gain weight it’s because

You are unhappy with your life!

The worm has turned, finally cast you off

Like the parasite you are.

So I give you the doormat it is after all

Of your own making.

Take it with you into your brave new future,

Your Walter Mitty life. Where karma will be

Waiting for you no matter what you do.

Revenge always a dish best served cold

At a dinner party of your own making.

Sleep well little sister, now you possess

Your heart’s desire and be careful what you wish for next!

© Carolina de la Cruz – The Vixen of Verse 2015


2 thoughts on “DOORMAT

  1. Beverley Martinez says:

    your words reach deep into my heart
    that trampled hurt of deceit and lies
    pick up that mat no more to be wiped
    the future’s now yours to claim and live
    set aside the hurt and feel no pain
    no more demands on a mat worn thin
    look beyond and set yourself free
    friend you are the world to me.

    • That is so lovely! Thank you. I feel so much better lately. A lot of that is down to you for my wonderful birthday which literally took me up in the clouds! Lots of love to such an amazing friend, Carolina Xxx

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