I am BACK!


I am back! Well I think I am, I feel like I should be. For the last two years I have struggled to write anything. My excuse? CHRONIC PAIN. My PMR (Polymyalgia Ruematica)has been bad, my multi-focal osteoarthritis has spread to my mid & upper back, also my upper arms & shoulders. My right knee’s cartiledge had disappeared altogether so I finally got my knee replacement in May 2014.

My friend, my lovely Loll died last year and I really miss her. Mind you she would be telling me to kick myself up the backside and get back to my writing! Writer’s block was something she did not believe in. Just write she would say and of course she was right.

Lots of people write while they in pain. In far worse than I have but I am trying hard to write again, As it is April I have decided to try NapoWriMo which stands for National Poetry Writing Month. Which means writing a poem every day. 30 poems in all. I am already trailing behind but at least I am writing again!


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