Film Star – All I need now is – the Red Carpet!

Red carpet of the Palais des Festivals et des ...

Red carpet of the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès during the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today turned out to be such an interesting day. I went to a film showing of  ‘Memorial to Loves and Lives’ directed by Salvatore Forino. I contributed to this project by writing a letter that I imagined Umberto, an Italian Captain who became a POW at the Glenn Mill in Oldham wrote to his friend/lover, Doreen when he returned to Italy after the war ended.

I was also filmed reading aloud this letter in the wonderful setting of the Tropical Plants Greenhouse in Alexandra Park on a grey, cold and rainy day. The setting was fabulous and I hadn’t realised that my hair colour which was a new one, ultra violet was quite so dark and purple! It gave me a slightly sinister air which was effective as was the whispering of the final part of the letter which was played over my reading. Excellent!

My fellow writer, Pat Baker looked great in the cavernous Maple Mill and read her letter really well. The film started in Italy with explanation of the story and then all the letters that were read in the various places, the Tatoo Parlour, the gay night club were very effective. I particularly liked the switching from Italy to Oldham and back again.

We were then asked to write our comments on cards which were to go to the Arts Council who along with the Big Lottery Fund funded the project. Salvy intends entering his film in several film festivals before he intends to consolidate the writing into a more cohesive story to reflect the characters of Umberto, Doreen and Berta.

It was good to see that we had been credited with the writing and reading aloud and I do hope that we will be asked to contribute to the final writing project.

Sue Fletcher made us so welcome and we were treated to not only tea, coffee and lovely Italian cake but a great lunch. It was good to see that not only the participants of the project but friends and family turned up too. I really hope that the film wins some prizes in the film festivals it is entered into as it definitely deserves it. Well done the writers and well done Salvy!





































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