First Snow of Winter

Frosty Footpath - winter snow

Frosty Footpath – winter snow (Photo credit: blmiers2)

First Snow of Winter

It came in the night,
upon stockinged feet.
Beautiful , sparkling white
wonderland, crisp and new!
Each snowflake unique
in its composition, a wonder
of nature, let it snow,
let it snow! Let it snow!

From the window, this
silent world invites footsteps.
Life goes on, come winter
snow, cold winds blow
children to school, workers
to run the industries
that keep us warm within
our comfy cocoon, as we watch!

Pristine white world churned
up into dirty slush which
may or may not freeze over,
creating a dangerous skating
rink for the old or unaware.
Broken limbs in A & E
return them to a window
seat to look and watch again…

The snow filling ruts,
covering slush, returning
our world to baby blanket white.
It came in the night, silently
without a storm, without a sound,
gave us that quiet beauty,
crisp, sparkling and clean. Let it snow!
Oh! Please let it snow, let it snow!

© Carolina de la Cruz 2013


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