Dragonriders, riding under Thorden’s banner.

“We will conquer all or die trying!

For those who die, a glory unsurpassed!”

We stand beside our magnificent beasts,

beautiful creatures of myth and legend,

they command, Earth, Air, Fire and Water

mounted upon them, as do we.”

Our leader is amongst us, we hear him

if we do not yet see him, a truly magnificent

figure in his protective armour, he waits

for a silence to descend as it always does.

We need his rallying call before battle

commences as a babe needs to suckle its

mother’s milk. Our leader is father, mother,

sister and brother to us. He jumps upon

Orion his dragon’s back and waits.

Everyone is silent, a respectful silence

for this man that leads us into battle is

beloved of each and everyone of us.

“Warriors! My brave warriors! My

Dragonriders! I commend you to the


beautiful Goddess of both life and death.

Be as brave as the dragons you ride!

Trust them! For they carry a precious

load. Remember apart you are man or

woman and beast, together you are invincible!”

Thorden settles himself upon Orion’s back,

waits for his warriors to mount up.

They form up into their troops, well practised.

He looks to his right for Da-Odin, and finds

him already mounted upon the well named,

Swiftfeet. To his left he feels before he sees

the presence of his one true love, Freya

and her dragon the fiery, Fireball.

A silence descends, young Da-Thor blows

the dragon horn in ancient call to battle.

Thorden draws his mightly sword one handed

and raises its not inconsiderable weight high

above his head, with a blood-curdling cry

that defied any known language, the dragonriders

rode into the bloodiest battle they had ever encountered.


©Carolina de la Cruz – the Vixen of Verse – 2013


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