Challenging Arthritis

Entertainment all the way

Entertainment all the way (Photo credit: hugovk)

On the 18th February 2013 I am starting a six week course called, ‘Challenging Arthritis Self-Management Programme’ which I hope will help me to manage my New Year resolutions. I have already started writing the first draft of my novel and am actually enjoying immersing myself in first century Britannica again.

I have also decided to enter a local play writing competition called ‘First Break’ which is being run by Oldham Library Service and Oldham Coliseum our recently re-vamped local theatre.
During a lovely homemade lunch made by one of my writing friends, Pat Gray we discussed our ideas for our entries. Pat has actually written her 10 pages while mine is still at the ideas stage I have managed 7 pages and the deadline is 1st Feb 2013 so that gives me plenty of time to finish it.

Despite deciding to put my poetry on the back boiler I have written three poems in one night of complete insomnia! Call to Arms is about the fight between good and evil. First Snow of Winter is what it says and Dragonriders is a fantasy poem, my first one!

I am going to cut back on some of the venues I attend in order to concentrate on my novel writing, short story writing and submitting stories and poetry to sites/ezines etc. I also want to enter competitions with my existing poetry and existing and newly written short stories and flash fiction.

I am hoping attending the Arthritis Course is going to help me cope better with the pain, the tiredness and the depression which is part and parcel of both Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. Getting involved in self help groups can help by sharing your experiences, tips and tricks to make life more bearable.


2 thoughts on “Challenging Arthritis

  1. Well we share more than writing, as I too suffer from many things among them chronic arthritis, tendonitis throughout my body, chronic costochondritis in my left ribcage and MS upstairs in my brain,…just a few from a long list! I look at it this way, it could be something worse. I admire you strength and fortitude. Many when they see me say I look perfectly healthy, i quess they expect to see limbs hanging or a solemn look that entirely surrounds the outside of my body. There are times where I do not feel like writing, because of the pain. And yet I like you push forward everyday as i am compelled by a greater power within! So i find such joy in always reading your words, keep it coming in whatever form or format you choose…because all that you do is a sweet blessing to others. God bless!

    • Dear Wendell,
      Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. I am so sorry to hear that you too have a daily fight with illness but your poetry is so inspiring, so keep writing!

      Best Wishes

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