Call to Arms

Call to Arms


He speaks with a clarity

that cuts like a sharpened knife.

Richly flavoured, like vanilla

laced-latte, barista banged,

to break the sound of silence.

We are drawn to listen

to this charasmatic voice,

so full of authority,

it demands our attention.

A priest preaching at us?

Politician weaving his lies

until left confused by his

verbal acrobatics, we long

for his simplicity – for truth

whatever that turns out to be.

Speak my friend! Be simple,

make us understand  what

you have to say – before it

is too late, Armageddon

been and gone. All because

we closed our minds to

what each individual might

achieve if joined together

into a univese, the Universe.

A chain-link that would hold

its strength against whatever

life, fate or destiny would throw

at it. He reaches out his hand,

asked for one, only one, to take it.

We all waited, breath held, waiting

for that one brave soul to reach out.

We glanced at one another, then

averted our eyes, to close out

fear that glistened in each one.

Suddenly! It was as if my hand

had a life of its own. My averted

eyes did not see it extend from

being clutched at my side until it

was stretched out straight, my hand

sought his, as if it was always

meant to be. This moment already

written in the book of life. A gasp

from everyone else as we all felt

the surge of energy as he grasped

my hand in his. His touch was cool,

gentle, smooth, his touch comforted,

gave me strength, I raised my eyes,

and all around, hands were clasped.

A human chain was formed against

the very idea, the essence of evil!


©Carolina de la Cruz 2013



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