A Return GIG for the New Year

The evening of 5th Jan 2013 found me doing performance poetry at the Civic Hall in Uppermill. Following a similar gig the year before for Oldham’s Soceity for the Blind, and as an annual event in which I accompany my ‘blind in one eye mother’ to the post Christmas ‘do’, it is hardly a chore.
The meal was excellent but we were all treated to ‘Navvy’ size portions that no-one actually managed to finish! Thank goodness Mum had ticked the fresh fruit option as opposed to the rich Christmas pudding or my stomach would have burst. Then it was time for the ‘entertainment. Michael Hindson who is the excellent organiser of the group started us off with songs from the early sixties while accompanying himself on his electric keyboard which is no mean feat as he too suffers with visual impairment.
The next singer whose mame I did not catch was totally blind. He brings not only his guitar but his lovely black labrador guide dog. After him there was Catherine who sang songs like ‘Only a Winter’s Tale’ made famous by David Essex. Catherine is a classically trained singer.
Then at last it was my turn. I did three poems reflecting on 2012. So I had a triolet on the Olympics, Recycled Rose which brings the idea of second-hand Rose bang up-to-date. My final one in the first set was ‘Greenihouses’ which was about a project I took part in by imagining and producing letters exchanged between an Italian Captain who was interred at the Glenn Mill in Oldham during WWII and a young English girl who fell in love with him. The project leader has produced a 45 minute film and as a writing participant I have been invited to the premiere. It will be interesting to see if I survived the cutting room floor! I received a resounding round of applause, which was encouraging.
Following the Raffle which raised funds of about £120, we repeated our running order again. Last year I invented a character called ‘MRS. GOLIGHTLY and a poem called Mrs Golightly’s Advice on Taking a Lover which went down a storm so this year I wrote, Mrs Golightly’s Advice on Growing Old. It was my opening poem of my second set. It too was wel received with lots of gigglng laughter to references of magic underwear and Tena Lady!  I did ‘Blackpool Illuminations’ a nostalgic love poem. My final poem, ‘Memories Rebound’ is another nostalgic love poem that has an uplifting end to it, so a perfect poem to end a set with.
Several people approached me afterwards to say how much they enjoyed my performance which made my night together with Michaeli’s profuse thanks.


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