Coming Back to Life

Well, that’s what it feels like! I hate feeling ill but unfortunately with my disabilities and on-going medical problems it is hard to continue with my writing life. Yet writing actually keeps me going. It is the hobby that has replaced the ones I can on longer do, like dancing, hill walking and horse riding.
I particularly miss the horse riding. I love horses so much and I miss being with them. Although I do have my rescued cats, Riley and Rio so at least I have that lovely unconditional love relationship with animals that I find so essential to my life. I have had my pain killing injections in my hands and both knees this time which means that I can type again. My next injections are for my hips, but it will be the end of September before I can self refer myself.
My whole life revolves around pain, the level of pain that may be achieved by drugs, injections and chiropractor treatment means I have to pace myself so that I can have an activity day followed by a rest day. My sleep pattern is bad, if I sleep three straight hours per night it is good, but normally I have very disturbed sleep patterns.
I have writing projects coming up and I want to get back into my writing journey, so hopefully my blogging will return. Let’s hope so!


3 thoughts on “Coming Back to Life

  1. Thank you for sharing your feelings on this. I randomly came across your blog through a search and I also have debilitating (neuropathic knee) pain, and I’m a writer. Some days it feels like there’s no way I can possibly concentrate enough to write, and it kills me. It’s suffocating. My life also revolved around pain. At least we’re lucky enough to enjoy something that doesn’t require PHYSICAL effort (writing). Unfortunately, I hurt even when I’m sitting up–anything not in bed gets painful very very quickly. But it’s better than if my artistic endeavor was acting or dancing or something!! Best of luck.

    –Love and Liberation–

    Jan @ TheRewildWest

    • Thanks for your comments. It is all a question of pacing yourself I think. It’s a delicate balance between taking enough medication to control the level of pain but not so much that you are comatose. Creative writing is do-able even with painful conditions – Carolina

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