Medieval Middleton Success!

The Parish Church of St Leonard, Middleton, Gr...

The Parish Church of St Leonard, Middleton, Greater Manchester, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a wonderful experience it has been taking part in Medieval Middleton. The children were wonderful and literally threw themselves into their various roles, in particular the war between the Vikings and the Saxons were enacted with much gusto! The adult cast which consisted of:

Norman – Town Crier

Lorraine – Newsreader

Maureen – Teacher

Freda – Old Mother Time

Robin – Troubadour

Carolina (me!) – Jester

had all written their own part in the script which was then put together by Norman and Robin with several running gags interwoven  within it. On the day the jokes went down a storm and various members of the audience came up to us to complement us on our performance. Jonathan from Pride Media Association who commissioned us had expected an audience of approximately 50, on the day was more like 150. It was great that so many people turned out and walked from the Long Street Methodist Church in Middleton, via the Jubilee Park to St Leonard’s Church to watch our strolling performances in the Prologue, the Interlude and the Epilogue.

After the performance there were various activities like birds of prey, petting snakes and reptiles, learning archery and the medieval dance workshop. Lorraine and I met up with our friend Marian and retired to the Ring o’ Bells for a well-earned lunch of fish, chips and mushy peas. Lovely! Julia a fellow writer from Touchstones Creative Writers’ Group brought her video camera and recorded part of the performance and there was an official photographer taking pictures so hopefully I will be able to track down some photos of us all in our finery.



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