New Project – Medieval Middleton


Illustration of the Black Death from the Togge...

Illustration of the Black Death from the Toggenburg Bible (1411) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


After a few weeks of not feeling too well, I am now involved in a new project called Medieval Middleton. Touchstones Creative Writing Group have been asked to take part in the rededication of St Leornard’s Church in Middleton.

I have been cast as the jester and have written three pieces to read out during the pageant. Schoolchildren will be taking part in a play that goes from the Viking invasion, takes in the Normans, the black death and the life and times of Cardinal Thomas Langley.

The pageant will travel from venue to venue and ends up at the Medieval Dance workshop and the Birds of Prey display. My colleagues will be dressed up in a fairly minimum way as The Troubadour, The Town Crier, The News Reader, The Teacher, Old Mother Time and me the jester.

I have ordered my hat from a firm on the internet called Happy Hats and I am hoping that it will arrive tomorrow. Then all I have to do is sew some bells onto my leggings! I have a little stock of cat bells that have been taken off the cats’ flea collars, I knew they would come in for something!

Rehearsal day tomorrow!


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