Time to say Goodbye

Time to say Goodbye


I remember the first time I fell in love,

my heart thumped so hard in my chest,

it made me breathless. Just being with

him made me feel ecstatically happy.

I remember his hands, so much bigger

than mine, strong, yet gentle when

he held my smaller, delicate one in his.


I remember the black midi dress I wore

on a date, trying to impress. It had buttons

down the front, from collar to hem and

a suede multi coloured belt with fringes

that rested upon my hips. I wore black

knee length shiny leather boots, which

laced up the front. I thought I was a real


fashionista! I remember saying goodbye,

letting him go when my whole being

wanted him to stay, but sometimes you

have to let people leave when they don’t

want to stay, you can’t keep people against

their will, not if you really love them.

Goodbye is such a final word, it cuts


things in half, even the word divides

into good and bye. Things come to an end,

it’s life, it’s death, beginnings and endings.

Even writing projects come to an end.

Time to say goodbye, but new friends

gained, out of the end, begins…the start

of something fresh, exciting and new!


© Carolina de la Cruz – 30th April 2012


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