Stormy Weather


Burberry (Photo credit: thinkretail)

Stormy Weather


I pity the dog walkers in their wellingtons

and Burberrys to keep out cold wet rain,

blown by a howling wind that has raged

all night showing no sign of respite.

As a child I loved storms, as long as

I was indoors, toasting muffins with an

old fashioned fork over an open fire

burning red in the grate, flames flared blue,


if you looked deep into the flames you would

see dragons, warriors, kings and soldiers

or the odd damsel in distress, trapped in

the tower by the evil Duke. Dripping with

butter, I would eat the muffins one after

the other and then sit by the fire and write

the stories that I saw played out before my eyes.

Kitty the large black and white cat would sleep


beside me as I scribbled away anxious to catch

all the words before they disappeared into the ether.

Weather affects every part of our lives, sunshine

and good weather cheer everyone up whilst

torrential rain, bitter cold wind makes it feel like

winter even though we are well into spring.


© Carolina de la Cruz – 29th April 2012


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