Location of the corpus callosum, the large ner...

Location of the corpus callosum, the large nerve fiber bundle connecting the two cerebral hemispheres. Left: coronal section of a human brain. Right: human brain cut sagitally at the midline. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inner Space

Inside the human brain, synapses sparking as thought

jumps from idea, imagination, explanation, emotion

all those things and more or sometimes less,

because less can be more in a funny sort of juxtaposition.


No-one is inside your head, your brain, but you.

Is that true? Could someone, something else exist

in your right brain ,the non-communicating hemisphere ?

Could it or he or she exist, split at birth from you,


residing in the left brain communicating with everyone

around you apart from inside you, in that space

inside your cranium. Could it be your higher self?

Or your Guardian Angel, or your Daemon?


That part that only comes forward when danger

threatens your life, when something, someone,

tells you what to do and saves your life!

When death approaches does that right side resident


appear in the white light of the near death experience?

Is it this entity who watches with you as your life

flashes before you in time that is slowed, so that it is

out of time, and you can watch each incident of life


since that long ago birth.  See the lessons you should

have learned the first time, repeated until you did.

Do you join up with your higher self, so higher and lower

are as one, the one that goes on into the finality of death?


© Carolina de la Cruz – 28th April 2012



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