Only Six More Poems to Go!

Art cover for John Donne's divine poems

Art cover for John Donne's divine poems (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I can hardly believe we only have six poems left to write for NaPoWriMo. I am determined not to fall at the last hurdle but intend to finish my 30 poems. Unlike a lot of particiapants, I have tended to ignore  most of the prompts although I did enjoy writing the sonnet and the lullaby prompts but not on the exact days of the prompts. I think it must be something of the rebel in me.

I had an email from United Press to inform me that Top Ten Poets is at the binders, so it shouldn’t be long before I will get my delivery of the books. I am one of the Top Ten Poets and have 20 pages of my poetry together with a photograph and biography in this book. It is a step up from just having one poem in an anthology. My next project will be to find a publisher for my own collection of poetry. I think I have said previously that I intend learning how to e-publish a book and will be using my NaPoWriMo poems for this purpose.

I also have two thirds of the first draft of my debut novel languishing on the computer just waiting for me to finish it, so I think I should devote May and June to doing just that. Unfortunately, a lot depends on how I cope with my chronic pain and depression caused by arthritis and fybromyalgia. My pacing has gone a bit awry lately and that is no good. I am also waiting for my steriod injections in  my hips for the relief of bursititus, and that will happen on the 17th May, so that should help. My monthly visit to my chiropractor, Morten Isnes also helps. In just over a year he has managed to stop my whole spine from going into spasm with ‘adjustments’. Unfortunately it is something you cannot get on the NHS but for me it has been worth every penny! I would recommend Morten to anyone who similarly suffers. He has a very holistic approach to healing and takes into account diet, how you move and where and how severe the pain is.

I would also like to thank Charlotte Henson a fellow poet who set up a group for people to encourage one another throughout NaPoWriMo by posting their poems daily and commenting on other poets‘ work. This has proved to be really supportive, interesting and I have a lot more friends on FaceBook because of it! The lovely Cathy Bryant has put out a submission call for metaphysical poetry for Dagda Publishing which is why I thought a picture of John Donne’s poems an appropriate illustration. Cathy has also promised more calls for submissions and information about up coming competitions, which is such a  great help, thanks Cathy.

So I am now looking forward…at least to the end of April when I get my 30 poems done!

Stay focused, keep writing, Love & Light,  Carolina x


4 thoughts on “Only Six More Poems to Go!

  1. I feel the same. I’ve enjoyed the discipline of writing a poem-that-children- wouldn’t-be-interested-in every day. I work on poems-that-don’t leave-children-out most of the time. I haven’t used the prompts much either. I don’t much like starting with a form – for me the material shapes the form. I have friends who find the form is a useful way of mining the things in their head – I have nothing against it, but it doesn’t really work for me. Some of the other prompts have been interesting, but not what was buzzing in my head at the time. nice to have them there for days when myhead was full of old teabags, though.
    On a totally different tack – I have a friend who does McTimmony (sp?) in Llangollen. Sara. Do you know her? I know chiropracters tend to know each other.

    • Hi Jan,
      No sorry don’t know Sara, but I will ask Morten at my next appointment, he may very well know her. Nearly there now with the poems. It has been a great discipline for me to write every day.

  2. Just want to echo your sentiments about NaPoWrimo, Carolina. Writing-wise I too feel I’m in a very different place than this time last month, with greater confidence to share my work and having made some lovely literary friends – many of whom seem to be just on t’other side of the hill!

    Thank you for your support and I hope we keep in touch.

    • I am sure we will keep in touch either on the group site or via our blogs. I am a total newbie to the world of blogging, so it is going to be a very large learning curve.

      How long have you been doing the university course on creative writing at Leeds? Would you recommend it? Thanks for reading.
      Stay focused, keep wiiting – Carolina

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