Saint George’s Day

Nederlands: rozenverkopers Barcelona, Sant Jordi

Nederlands: rozenverkopers Barcelona, Sant Jordi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saint George’s Day


Early Spring heat on Barcelona’s busy streets,

Blocks of ice containing long-stemmed red roses,

Being unloaded onto the ‘Las Ramblas‘ stalls.

Books are everywhere, stall after stall of them,

It’s St George’s day, he is patron saint of Catalonia.

Custom has it that lovers buy each other presents.

Men buy ladies, a beautiful long-stemmed red rose,

While ladies buy their menfolk a shiny new book.

Such a charming tradition makes the day a busy one.

Authors visit the stalls to sign copies of their books.

The thick ice protecting the roses eventually melts,

Pools under stalls, glistening onto the pavements,

As the sun sets into the twilight, purple painted sky.

Evening brings revellers into the bars and restaurants.

Catalonians really know how to celebrate, how to party,

Tapas consumed, toasts in sparkling Cava made,


To ‘San Jorge’ on the 23rd April, his very special day.

Oh! If only we English could celebrate in a similar way!


© Carolina de la Cruz – 23rd April 2012



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