Singing Thrush

The Singing Thrush


A thrush was singing his heart out at the top of a tree,

Trilling and singing his heart out, it seemed to me

That somehow he knew how unhappy I really was,

That little bird could actually feel the cause,

Of my pain and grief, recognising one who suffered.

The thrush was singing his song, it was all he offered.

Contained in those melodic notes he sang out to the world,

But especially to me, the sweetness of the notes curled

Into the air like glittering jewels strung out on a chain

And as I listened I could hear his sweet refrain,

Heal yourself! Heal yourself! Heal yourself! He chirped.

And somewhere deep inside, something worked.

As I sat and listened to the thrush, paused in my busy life,

It seemed to me his song reached out to heal my strife.

Somewhere out there, Mother Nature sent this little bird,

That I might be healed by the beautiful song I heard.


© Carolina de la Cruz 21st April 2012


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