A Letter to the Deceased

A letter to the Deceased


Dear Dad,


I would have loved to see you live into old age,

To have shared with Mum your retirement.

Gone on holidays abroad, back to Gibraltar,

Where you served during the second World War.

I have missed being able to talk to you,

When things in my life have gone wrong.

You would have comforted me, all would be well

Your optimistic view, your motto, ‘nil carborundum

Which you told us meant ‘don’t let the bastards

Grind you down!’ You were warm, funny,

With a great big heart beating inside your chest.

During your working life, you worked so hard,

So deserving of your retirement, but it was not to be.

Snatched away two weeks before it was due.

You left your girls, sad, alone, with a grief,

That hurt physically. We supported Mum between us.

We said goodbye with a typical Irish type wake.

You would have approved, celebrating your life

With good memories, digested with a few drinks.

Dear Dad, I miss you so much, I still love you so!


© Carolina de la Cruz – 18th April 2012.


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