Silent Telephone

Silent telephone

The telephone stays silent as if in accusation,

I felt sure you would ring to see how I was,

But you didn’t. Disappointment spreads

Through me like a canker, a corruption

Of soft flesh, warm red blood, silky hair

Leaving the empty husk, like a black hole.

Existing and yet not existing, seen but not

Heard in the silence of space where time

Invades like an alien captain with his

Storm troopers. Boots thudding in a

Marching formation, left, right, left

Right, thud, thud of boots like a heartbeat.

Pulsing at my temples and still you don’t ring.

A watched phone never rings; so I find

Things to do, to take my mind off it’s not

Ringing. I stare at it as if by staring I can

Cause its burst into life, instead it sits

In accusatory silence. No call today, no

Talking, no message, no enquiry, nothing!

© Carolina de la Cruz – 13th April 2012


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