Please don’t make me cry, because if I start,

I won’t be able to stop. Tears will flow salty,

Red eyes, runny nose, it’s not a look I want

To cultivate, not at my age. Tears enfold me

In grief, a loss so desperate, that it leaves

A barren space inside my heart that cuts

Deep. The depth of my loss is like an eternal

well that goes to the centre of the earth.

Mother Earth, Gaia who understands my pain,

Mothers know, mothers understand, united

In our pain and grief. Let me go, leave me be.

Let me close up the pain and lock it away,

Throw away the key, for this is no Pandora’s box,

Waiting to entice, entertain, enchant with secrets.

This is emptiness, like the dessert sand, the

Bitter cold of the North wind, this is sacrifice,

Laid on the alter of sanctuary, waiting for death.

© Carolina de la Cruz – 12th April 2012


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