Tea and Cake

Tea and Cake

I couldn’t find one clock in the house that told the right time.

Dead batteries, clocks not sprung forward or fallen backwards.

Time is so important isn’t it? We need to hear the tick-tock

As it passes by, telling us we are early and can relax,

Or like the White Rabbit we are always late and need to panic!

“You’ll miss the train,” she insisted almost as if she wished I would.

I shrugged, there would be another one along in an hour or so.

What would I do for an hour, she fretted about my problem,

As if it was some great catastrophe. I would take my book

And read, I could read a chapter or two in an hour, have a cup of tea,

And a piece of cake. She frowned when I mentioned cake,

Looked pointedly at my waistline. I shrugged, what was an inch

Or two between friends. She kissed me goodbye, still fretting.

I took my time walking to the station as I knew I had missed

The train, imagine then my surprise when it was there, standing

At the platform in all its glory. I was the last to board, heaved my

Case up with a mammoth effort and settled down in a seat by the window

Opened my book to read. Shame about missing the tea and cake.

© Carolina de la Cruz – 10th April 2012.


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