Birthdays pass by, year after year,
remind of things not yet done,
goals not yet achieved and if not now,

Time becomes more precious, the older
we get. We dreamed our dreams,
maybe even realised a few, if not

When will our dreams come true?
Turn into nightmare, fail and die.
The older we get, the fewer we have,

I still have dreams, unfulfilled.
I reach for the stars with optimism,
I still believe I can do it,

Positive mental attitude helps,
self-belief, for if I do not have faith
in me, why would anyone else,

So rejoice in another birthday,
Reach for the stars with both hands,
Believe in yourself, have faith.
When – now
Why – why not?
How – with conviction!

© Carolina de la Cruz – 9th April 2012


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