Tree of Regret

Tree of Regret

When ashes made ashes, dust passed into dust

And was spread around the roots of the tree,

The large oak tree that grew in the middle

Of the park, where we played as little children.

We laughed, we cried, we played our games,

Fell, skinned our knees, ran home to Mum.

She put plasters on, made sweet tea and

Spread jam on buttered slices of bread.

When we grew up we went our separate ways,

Life was good, sometimes not so good, but

We lived it. We fell in love, married,

Had children, watched them grow up.

We were proud parents of doctors, solicitors,

Accountants, a musician, a singer and an artist.

Then I read in the newspaper of your death

A small paragraph explaining the accident.

I attended your funeral, comforted your Mum.

We cried together, both mourning our loss.

Months later we scattered your ashes

Around the big, oak tree as you had requested.

Your dust nurtured it, made it grow strong,

Providing a shady place to shelter from the sun,

Or sudden showers of rain. A focal point,

It draws me with an invisible thread.

Here I feel close to you, talk to you

Telling you all the things I never did

When you were alive, I confess my love

For you, a secret love that never died.

Life could have been so different,

If I had told you all those years ago,

That I loved you, we could have married,

Those children would have been ours.

My regrets are my secret, whispered only

To our beautiful oak where carved in bark

Inside a heart are our names, entwined together,

Entwined forever, my lover, my life, my love.

© Carolina de la Cruz – 8th April 2012


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