Rhythms, rhythms, living inside rhythms,

up, down, round and round,

enclosing us in Earth’s patterns.

Her heartbeat glows in her core,

radiates out to reach her surface.

From the icy cold of Winter, she awakes

stirring new life with green shoots,

animals producing their new born.

Winds blow, Spring sunshine,

warms her surface, a promise of things to come.

Summer arrives in a riot of colour,

sensuous smells, pungent in the warmer air.

Sweet strawberries tempt your taste buds,

a time for pledges of love, hand-fasting.

Autumn equinox balances daylight with night time,

Harvest gathered in, Summer of plenty,

will last through the hardship of Winter to Spring.

Rhythms are cyclical, round and round,

one year passes into another, as night follows day.

Rhythms, rhythms, rhythms, time controlling space,

years into decades, into centuries into millennia,

human life, animal life, all following their rhythm.

Birth, life, death, re-birth, the circle goes on

and on, stretching out into our Solar System.

Light years away are planets like, Mars,

Jupiter with its rotating moons, too far to reach,

yet spirit of man reaches for the unobtainable stars

in an eternal quest of discovery.

Rhythms, rhythms, living inside rhythms.


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