On the Edge

On the Edge                                                                        

On the Edge, between chronic pain and severe depression.

Trembling with fear, for a future that will only get worse.

Displacement therapy may save this cutting edge day,

Pain cuts with a serrated blade right through to the bone.

While depression yawns its wide cataclysmic cavern,

Waiting to pounce when least expected. On the edge,

Of sleep deprived nights, intermingled with prescription drugs.

Pleading, praying that soon, there will be some relief.

When it comes it sweeps in from the edge of consciousness,

Invades the blood stream with warmth, warms up the shivering

Flesh. Dry those useless tears, sink into welcome relief.

Coming down, coming down, coming down, at last, from the Edge.

© Carolina de la Cruz – 01 April 2012


2 thoughts on “On the Edge

  1. Melissa says:

    I love when people write within particular registers (in other words, I appreciate your medical… Well, it’s not exactly jargon, but it’s got that feel to it.) My favorite part is “depression yawns its wide cataclysmic cavern.”

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